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i am blabbering

June 22, 2005

oh god oh god!

Ok so I had this huge crush on Rob from Manhunt when it first came out in the US but missed the first broadcast in Singapore due to BMT, how lovely.

(photo from towleroad)

But god. This is the hottest guy, like, ever. And he’s gay! And very articulate, very important. Ok but not as important as the fact that he’s cute as a button. Twenty buttons, whatever. He is my one true love forever and ever!

I am like, such a bimbo.


how camp!

June 17, 2005

my god.

Just got back from the commando camp and have officially died. The guys there are. so. hot. And they’re very distracting with their tshirts off. And their tans.

Very pointless post! But read the disclaimer.