about the author (under construction)

Now struggling in the services of the nation, this blog’s author strongly opposes conscription without civil alternative and is an advocate of broader political rights for Singaporeans. In his free time, he likes to read good fiction, learn languages and do a bit of math. He may decide to do economics and linguistics when he goes on to further his studies at Stanford University. Never one to be content with the green grass of home, this author loves travelling and meeting random people on foreign streets, a pleasure he has not had the fortune of knowing since his trip to California in May ’04. In the near future he plans on visiting beautiful cities in Europe; if he is fortunate enough he may even intern at both the Louvre and the Uffizi bringing tourists around in French and Italian.

This author recently read all the works of Alan Hollinghurst, and loved most of them, especially The Line of Beauty and The Swimming-Pool Library. Literature used to fascinate him, however, six consecutive years of pursuing the subject academically has left him jaded and wishing that words could work their magic on him again, as they did when he did not know the meanings of the words ‘caesura’, ‘amphimacer’ or ‘stream-of-consciousness’.

Economics still holds special interest for this author, to whom money was a huge issue for almost sixteen years. He enjoys a good deal of mathematics, and regrets that, after so long, neither Cambridge examiners nor Minstry of Education officials have realised that modern economic thought is rendered feeble without the judicious use of mathematics; as a result the syllabus for young adults is still stilted and quite useless. The author is now fascinating himself the wonders of matrices and second-order differential equations.

This author suffers occasionally from panic attacks. Please help to put him past his unfounded anxiety by sending encouraging messages or phone-calls.

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