January 23, 2007

pict1004.JPG Lunch at Thai Express today with Amogh was a riot. Some friends you don’t see in months and yet you still talk to them like no time has passed – Amogh’s one of them. As I grow older I realise that some people will always be part of your lives. I think Amogh’s one of them. He’s been with me through thick (him in sec 3) and thin (me in J1). He was there when slowly but surely outed myself to everyone. And he’s never really given a shit about what others think of me – he’s just always been there. In a very unhealthy “i’m straight and very bad with emotions” way.

Today he revealed something that has been weighing heavily on his mind – that he wouldn’t be able to find a hot eligible Brahmin girl. Ok all you Brahminahs out there – you want him, you got him. Tell me and I’ll get back to you. Heh. My advice was to marry a Chinese, so he’d have hot Chindian children. But he would have none of it, for fear of parental retribution. Alas, the woes of the caste system! And I thought being gay and Chinese was bad.


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