Move Along Like I Know You Do

September 27, 2006

Walking back into camp after all this time has given me such a distance and a perspective from where I was a few months ago – so many things have changed, or perhaps, I have changed so much.

Walking back to the bunks I felt a huge sense of anger and relief, relief that all that time had passed, anger that all that time had passed. It’s not that bad, I tried to tell myself, two years is only two years, and if you could have survived this you will be able to survive anything.

But sophistry cannot triumph over logic and emotion – so many things have crumbled apart in my life in the past two years, I barely recognise myself anymore. But it’s time to move on, pick up the crumbs and cobble them together and hope that somehow just somehow things will all work out. Because I have a knack for making things work out – a crazy sense of self-belief coupled with a modicum of ability always gets you some places, sometimes not where you want to go but what more can you ask for?

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