Thus Far

September 17, 2006

I have spent almost six or seven weeks at the central bank. I think of this period as a transition – my good friends have gone to university overseas, and I’m pretty much the only one left in Singapore. The jump from conscript to aspiring central banker (although admittedly I only work at the central bank, and do not handle central banking policies) was quite amazing – the responsibilities and motivations are so different.

I am proud to admit that I think I have coped well. I have shaken off all the bad habits I learnt from the army – how to slack off at work, for example, and try to pretend to be doing a lot when you actually are doing quite little. There is no need to pretend here – if I have nothing to do, then I don’t have to pretend to be doing anything. Instead I potter about reading the Economist or FEER or writing on my blog or thinking about issues or reading the books on my desk. This has been a good internship.

In my personal life I’ve progressed quite a bit as well. I’m no longer crazily insecure and psychopathically lonely. I’ve grown used to not having friends a phone call away. Things are good – I’m meeting tons of new boys and reorientating myself into the dating scene. Things are good – some dates work out, some don’t, in general I’m making friends rather than lovers, which is good.

I’ve achieved a new stability and I’m really quite okay. How is everyone?

One comment

  1. goooooood?:)

    i just saved hundreds by buying some shady car insurance deal. lemme know when you’d be free and i’ll ring you!

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