Central Banters

August 23, 2006

the lovely Michelle and me!So the past few days I’ve been sick – I’ve had little sleep between interning and bringing the HPAIR guys around, and I get really grumpy and pessimistic when I’m sleep deprived. Add to this four nights of drunkenness in a row and you pretty much have a recipe for disaster. So today I decide to dress up abit, and wear a nice (NEW!) skinny tie to work. Which did get me a bit of attention, since the men where I intern rarely wear anything, erm, nice. As you can see, I’ve become Michelle’s main squeeze – she’s trying to French kiss me even though our lips aren’t in contact. Sorry Mich, I don’t like you that way.

pict0771edited.jpgMichelle rarely works during office hours, as you can see. I caught her trying to surf Style.com. She was supposed to be finishing up a brief, but in her own words, ‘I dunno why but I feel so slack…’ Thanks Michelle. Because of you, the nation of Singapore is one step closer to fighting the ultimate evil that is inflation! (Okay, so I introduced her to Style.com and now she’s hooked, but at least I don’t slack so much during office hours okay. Ok so I did go through Alexander McQueen’s beautiful Autumn ’06 collection again, for like the three thousandth time, but hey that isn’t my fault. God, I’m such a bimbo. And loving it.)

(Thanks to Wilson for the advice on how to insert the photos properly.)

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