Cambodia Longings

August 9, 2006

God, it’s been ages since I’ve come back from Cambodia. I miss everyone and everything! Starting with the Linga Bar, which I’d read about before going to Cambodia (aha! Being super-prepared does pay off!). The proprietor of this establishment, Martin, is a lovely man who makes the best cocktail shots ever – you have to try the Girl Scout Cookie, which tastes, well, like a girl scout cookie. I had like 20 or something in the course of one night. And like 20 again the next night. Which just goes to show that if shots in Singapore were US$2.00, I’d be an alcoholic.

Martin also owns the One Hotel Angkor, which only has one room. It’s super cool and the interior is so lovely. There’s an open-air jacuzzi, which is the closest thing to perfection. Catch: it costs US$250.00 a night. Still, if you can afford it, there’s nothing in the world like it.

Shout-out too to Wilson and Dirk, who were drinking like fish in the bar the second night I was there. Wilson’s this cool law student from Canada (waitaminit – law, student, and from Canada!? NOT COOL!) who was travelling in Siem Reap the same time I was there. You can check out his travel blog here. Dirk’s the lovely Dutch man who manages the Golden Banana B&B and is opening up his own hotel, the Golden Banana Boutique Hotel! He invited Wilson and I to swim at the first and only saltwater swimming pool in Siem Reap, located at the GBBH – doesn’t the pool look like a stunner! La Wils and the Dirkster look like a pretty hot potato’n’rice combi too don’t they…


Anyway the Dirky Baby’s hotel should now be open so GO AND CHECK IT OUT! It looked like a lot of fun the last time I went, even though it hadn’t been fully constructed yet.



  1. Well, I have to say everything Jireh says is true. He really did drink 20 Girl Scout Cookies. God help him if they ever have good cheap shots in Singapore. I only have one correction to make: Dirk Baby was exaggerating just a little bit about the pool. There are quite a few of them in Siem Reap including the one I had built for my friend’s hotel http://www.auberge-mont-royal.com GB has the only salt water pool in Siem Reap? PUUHHHLLLLEEEEZZZ! Oh, really the best hotel in Asis at the moment is my hotel, in all modesty, The One Hotel Angkor. Jireh thought the jacuzzi was a nice addition to the place.

  2. yes martin, i did think that the jacuzzi was a great addition. but it still costs a fucking 250USD.

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