how to tell I am a gay man, part I

November 25, 2005

Yes. I am afraid that it’s true. I am a gay man. I’m as gay as Liberace. I’m as gay as tuile. I’m as gay as YMCA. And how do I know that I’m gay?

1. I think that Madonna is the most beautiful and talented woman, ever.
2. I am devoted to Mariah Carey.
3. I pretend that I’m as fabulous as Gwen Stefani. In Hollaback Girl.
4. I know every single thing about every single season of America’s Next Top Model.
5. I know everything there is to know about Natalia Vodianova.
6. I think that Kate Moss is hot. Because she has no boobs.
7. I used to do ballet.
8. I love to dance. Dirty.
9. My favourite contestant in Project Runway was Austin.
10. I have a videographic memory of lines from Will and Grace.

Of course, I like men too. But that’s not the point.


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