prepare to vomit

September 26, 2005

hoho. ho. Isn’t this such a hoot? I really died of laughter when I read it. Which strange demented mind decides to post up his own essay for all to see? Now he should be charged with sedition. Because after reading his post, I feel very murderous. And wish to stink-bomb the education ministry. And his school. And many teachers. And him. I bet you do too.

I’m very surprised he even passed the essay, considering how egregious it really was. I mean, really, who uses such sentences and actually gets away with them?

Thank you, clever GP author! Now I too will battle sloth to learn my dance moves! Now I too will reflect upon Van Gogh’s tragic suicide each time I see sunflowers! Now I will go to Sentosa to see the Musical Fountain and appreciate the beauty and grace of water spurting out in rhythm with music! Now I will use Japlish because it’s so zen and you can actually tell what I’m trying to say!

And to whomever the teacher may be: Honey, you don’t really know what coherence is. Or what good English is. Because if you can say that crushing a paper ball is a) art and b) pleasurable and c) therefore the role of art is not only to teach but to please you aren’t coherent. And, really, if you can say ‘simplistic beauty’ without laughing, you really aren’t speaking very good English.

I’m just like, so whatever now.

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