July 27, 2005

a burst of light from an unearthly photo-shoot,
blue-yellow and very beautiful,
and when we beheld it we were in awe,
and when we blinked we were burnt
to the bone, skin torn from flesh,
flesh torn from bone, bone from body.
we saw the devil, and now glass eyes
reverb in our sockets, and we can never
see anything else, but feel the unfeeling
cold orbs press against our eye-lids.

and in that harsh instant was a
split-second of reality. we were
shown the desolation towards which we
are hurtling – where light is all and all
is nothing. greens, pinks, earth-browns –
all colours were dissolved by blue-yellow
and gave way to gray, and black.

what else remains but silence?
we refuse to speak of that which we
cannot see, but only feel on our
skin, in our flesh, in our bones –
and in the cavernous regions of our
broken souls, emptied by the rush of
colourlessness and nothing. and what
left but rubble, over which we will
rebuild and bid good-bye and
start afresh? only we remain, still on
soil that burns even till today; the only thing
reminding us that we are remembered
is the sound of a shutter flicking open
and close.


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