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July 31, 2005

And so the moment arrives: not with a bang but with a whimper.



July 27, 2005

a burst of light from an unearthly photo-shoot,
blue-yellow and very beautiful,
and when we beheld it we were in awe,
and when we blinked we were burnt
to the bone, skin torn from flesh,
flesh torn from bone, bone from body.
we saw the devil, and now glass eyes
reverb in our sockets, and we can never
see anything else, but feel the unfeeling
cold orbs press against our eye-lids.

and in that harsh instant was a
split-second of reality. we were
shown the desolation towards which we
are hurtling – where light is all and all
is nothing. greens, pinks, earth-browns –
all colours were dissolved by blue-yellow
and gave way to gray, and black.

what else remains but silence?
we refuse to speak of that which we
cannot see, but only feel on our
skin, in our flesh, in our bones –
and in the cavernous regions of our
broken souls, emptied by the rush of
colourlessness and nothing. and what
left but rubble, over which we will
rebuild and bid good-bye and
start afresh? only we remain, still on
soil that burns even till today; the only thing
reminding us that we are remembered
is the sound of a shutter flicking open
and close.


gay youths hanged in Iran.

July 25, 2005

towleroad: Report: Gay Youths Hanged in Iran

More reasons to revile the regime in Iran! Not only are they wildly homophobic, they also put youths to death! Oh wait the same may be said of middle America.


July 23, 2005

i’ve been really stressed lately; my sleeping patterns have been disrupted and i feel terrible most of the time, like there’s something coming around the corner, so my heart rate’s perpetually fast. which irritates me. i need to get some prozac, and soon. or something.


now that’s what I call justice!, part I

July 22, 2005

Today the Straits Times’s Home section reports that in 1994 a man was convicted on circumstantial evidence alone. For a capital crime. The evidence: that the victim’s classmate had seen the victim board the bus of the accused. No evidence could be gleaned from the post-mortem as the body was decomposed beyond recognition. The accused remained silent when his defence was called, which the court promptly interpreted as ‘a consciousness of guilt in the face of the circumstantial evidence’.

Now that’s what I call justice!


honesty is the best policy

July 21, 2005

So the world really came too close to losing me today: or is it the other way around? Running a 40 degree fever, hounded by the curs of the SAF (pounced upon in the back, those inglorious bastards), stretched to the limits of my fibres, I decided to kill myself. Writing the suicide note saved me, really: when I thought of all the friends I’d be leaving behind, I thought against it. And then I put the simple sleeping pills back into the cupboard, where they need to be, and took the medicine for my fever instead.


what’s wrong with the picture?

July 21, 2005

We all know, of course, that Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the swing voter on many crucial issues decided by the US supreme court, has announced her retirement. We all know, of course, that George W. Bush has announced her successor, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge John G. Roberts. We all know, of course, that this could have a potentially revolutionary impact on the state of the United States in the coming years.

Or, if one reads the Straits Times, one wouldn’t know. The National Kidney Foundation kerfuffle, unfortunately, continues to haunt the headlines, even though we all know where that will conveniently end up. Other incidents like a girl falling from the 11th storey of a building scream for our attention, but not once have we had a proper critical review of O’Connor’s legacy and the incipient war between the polarised Republicans and Democrats.

This is rubbish. No wonder Singaporeans have no critical perspective and think that they are the centre of the universe. No wonder Singaporeans have no inkling of what a power the Chinese are, choosing to dismiss them as backwater and primitive – not knowing that this is exactly what they think of us and our lack of facility in the Chinese language. No wonder Singaporeans are arrogant, rude and supremacist.

Because, you know, this nation is nothing more than a little red dot. And its citizens should stop deluding themselves into thinking that we have the same foreign-policy clout as, say, the US, China or Britain. Furthermore, the country’s newspaper(s) is/are obliged to disabuse Singaporeans of their petty illusions – which is hard to do with the press’s self-delusions, considering the fact that this nation’s newspaper is conducting a colossal celebration of its 160th anniversary, far too extravagant for 160 years of increasingly shoddy reporting in a tiny island state.